Petite women tend to have smaller and narrower shoulders than average, which explains the reason why they usually have undersized bras that offer no support and can result in painful backaches down the road. Thankfully though, there is a wide variety of petite bras out in the market made just for women with this body type.

These bras not only enhance your feminine curves, but also can provide support and convenience for everyday living.

find a perfect bra for petite women

There are several kinds of petite bras, you can choose from: tank tops, padded, demi cup, underwired and halter bras.

The first two are perhaps the most popular. Tank tops feature a thin stretchable fabric around the chest area.

This style is perfect for women with little to lose, as it will still bring attention to your chest.

Padded bras work best for those with larger busts and cup sizes, while underwired and halter bras are best for women with cup sizes A through G.

If you’re looking for an underwire bra, check out the Underwire Garance Instant Tall Support Bra. This style features an underwire support panel made of a soft and stretch material. This panel runs under your outline to give you the feeling of wearing a tank top, but with the added support of the special bra material. Unlike regular tank tops, this style can be adjusted from an instant, slim fit to an extra-large size. They are available in an assortment of colours, so you can coordinate with your favourite outfit. The tall height of the garance tall style can be adjusted from your current cup size to a cup size larger, making it a perfect match for petite women.

Another excellent choice is the Skylab Bra, available in both plus size and petite styles. The fabric is breathable for a comfortable feel, and this bra has a variety of features. It features a seamless band under the bust for a snug fit and also has an adjustable clasp. The Skylab Bra also has a variety of colours and fabrics, including lace and satin. Because of the unique construction of this bra, it helps to enhance your natural curves by creating cleavage. It has seamless cups for a secure fit and a wide base to help lift your breasts.

Trica Bras offers a variety of petite bras that are designed for the smaller frame of petite women. The Taffeta Tribute strapless is a good example of one of their more modest bras. This bra has a smooth look under any shirt and can be found in many of the colour choices. This is a good option for women who don’t like having cups pulling down on their chest. This style is also good for petite women with a thin waistline or a shapely figure.

If you don’t want the looks of a strapless but still want support you should try the Slazenger Plus Size T-Shirt Bra. This style comes in a variety of neutrals and good colours and has nice straps. Many women prefer the black and white combination on this type of bra, although it isn’t as classic as some of the other choices. A black and white combination on this type of bra is a great way to change things up without changing the rest of your wardrobe!

For petite women who have larger chests and smaller frames, there are options for underwire bras, sports bras, padded or shelf bras, and even strapless bras. There is sure to be at least one of these bras that will fit your particular frame perfectly. Shopping for petite women’s bras should be a breeze once you know where to look.

The Internet is a great place to find a perfect bra for petite women and you can also find many helpful articles. You will be able to find styles that won’t make you feel like you are wearing a disguise! The only thing you need to do to find a perfect fit is to take your measurements and find a friendly bra fit shop to order from.

With the proper fit under your arms and a fantastic style, you will be confident and look fabulous, no matter where you decide to wear your next outfit!